About Us

The Right Tutoring was founded in Miami, Fl, in 2012 by two teachers, Dr. R. A. Martinez-Celorio and BSc. Ivon Rivero Rodriguez. TRT has been committed to providing a learning environment where students can attain the skills to become independent learners.

In the last two years, TRT has created individualized learning programs for students of all ages.  Part of the program consists of matching students with tutors, addressing learning styles, providing a safe place for students to express themselves, and helping students set goals.

Despite of TRT is a young company, we are proud of its trajectory and commitment to its students. As a educational services offered. Thanks to our students TRT continues to improve its services and  training to provide better quality tutoring services for students and their families.

Our Mission

The Right Tutoring is highly committed to help students of today succeed in the world of tomorrow.  Through one-on-one tutoring, small group workshops and mentoring, opportunities will be created for students to achieve academic success. We are committed to providing the students in our community with the tools needed to become confident, independent, and better prepared learners. The Right Tutoring is invested in helping students create and achieve educational goals they and their families can be proud of.